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soulfly!!!!! they are one of the best metal bands going, sepultura are awesome but they don't have the same spirit without max cavalera. however i still think sepultura are mosh kings!soulfly are brilliant, max has something briliant and unique going!! i personely prefer soulfly alot more!!
soulfy rock ass!
bumba! bumba!
eye for an eye, for an eye, for ane eye!
seek and strike! strike!
soulfly tribe!
roots! bloody roots!
by olly hall July 27, 2006

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a person who has reached the age of 57. hence the name Heinze'57'.
baked beans.

Dave: How olds your wife now, mate? Must be getting on a bit now.
Derreck: Baked beans, mate!
Dave: OH Heinze '57' is she?
by Olly Hall August 21, 2008

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a kikass soulfly song!!
'eye for an eye,for an eye,for n eye!!!!!"
by olly hall July 27, 2006

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