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the first maori on the moon
dude> hey see that guy?
sheila> oh, who is that?
dude> that's wiremu maunsell, he was the first maori on the moon.
sheila> oh really?
dude> yip, not a lot of people know that.
by olle olsen September 16, 2006

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a popular colloqialism used in the south pacific to describe graphs or charts of little or no meaning. usually they appear with no title, axis, or scale. picture a diagonal line on a piece of paper.
marcel> oh here is that graph of last months performance that you needed
boss> what way up does it go?
marcel> im not sure, its a zeeman.
by olle olsen September 21, 2006

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the place you tell your mother/mates that you met your latest girl/boy friend when you actually met them online.
dude a> hey where'd you meet that hot blonde
dude b> bath street
dude a> theres alot of that going around
dude b> word
by Olle Olsen August 29, 2006

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a generic technology brand. usually low quality.
jerome> hey is that a sony?
felipe> nah, just some kamakuza i found on ebay
jerome> looks like pies
felipe> i know =(
by Olle Olsen September 07, 2006

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famous new zealand colloquialism to describe a girl of very low calibre. someone or something very unattractive.
jerome> hey did you score last night?
leroy> yeah mate, tyrone's sister, you know her?
jerome> oh my god, shes pies.

dude a> hey did you see 'Saw II'
dude b> fuck yes, it was pies
by olle olsen September 16, 2006

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