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Weirdos who usually hang out on, around or under bridges or parks. Notorious for spare-changing or "spanging", daylight intoxication, bumming cigarettes, selling illicit substances, wearing dirty clothing, smelling, or wearing WalMart brand wannabe designer brand knock-offs. Creeblers are well-versed in hobo-mannerisms and adapt well to any situation involving 40ozs, Marijuana cigarettes or mixed rips aka "Mixers". Creeblers have no age limit and no income requirements, in fact the less income you have, the more Creebley you become.

n. I am a Creebler
v. Let's Creeble
a. How Creebley is that?!
Example: The other day I went for a walk across the Guerneville Bridge and ran into a fellow Creebler...

Creebler: "Hey bro. What's up dawg?"
Me: "Wow... Not much man... Where is everybody?"
Creebler: "Aww... There's some fools down in the park..."
Me: "Aight then..."

Upon arriving across the Guerneville bridge and into the park I discovered a group of Creeblers Creeblin out and drinking Four Lokos. Good times was had.
by OldManSteve July 28, 2012
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Someone who is both a tweaker and a crankster. Someone who is on both methamphetamine and crank. Furthermore, someone who knows the difference between meth and crank.
"Dude... Look at that Twankster over there scouring the ground looking through that magnifying glass. He must've dropped a rock or something... What a Twanker! "
by OldManSteve July 28, 2012
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