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The action of throwing a young child or fetus.

To get an abortion
Timmy: My girlfriend just told me she’s pregnant

Kelvin: Tell her to yeetus the fetus
by Okurrking November 20, 2018

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Any time between 11pm to 4:45 at night, when you can’t sleep and have nothing to do. At this time there is also crackheads out and about. Maybe they are nocturnal.
Jefranda was up at crackhead hours
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by Okurrking May 27, 2019

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To be any race but black and talk like you are black.

Using made up words

Ariana grandes voice
Timmy: Hey jimmy have you heard Ariana grandes voice? She totally has a blaccent

Jimmy: Oh yeah bro totally
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by Okurrking May 27, 2019

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To be cultured. Because yogurt is made up of bacteria cultures. To be used instead of cultured.
Jefranda: WOW kristeigh, you’re so yogurt
Kristeigh: Thanks, I know I’m very cultured
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by Okurrking July 29, 2020

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Somebody that is rude.
“Did you hear steph today? She was Impellative”
by Okurrking March 14, 2020

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A person from the UK.
•Needs serious dental work
•Listens to M to the B and faif in me
•Probably drives an Acura
You’re such a chav dumphly!

Why thanks donophan
by Okurrking July 29, 2020

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A company that makes Clunky hardware with a ugly skinned version of android.
Billy: Hey Susan is that an Android you have there?

Susan: Why yes billy it is, It’s very chunky and slippery it’s the Samsung s8 it’s so phat

Billy: I told you that you should have gotten an iPhone

Susan: I should of listened I wish I could send you a picture of my ugly Samsung computer I have too but you know, my cameras only 8 megapixels.
by Okurrking November 21, 2018

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