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like telephone, only more local (yes, league of gentlemen)
what's a tefelome ?!
by OiNK March 26, 2005

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A common welsh greeting, usually used when pretending to be a townie.
'iya butt Hows it going?
by oink May 11, 2004

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noun: sexual intercourse between moo and oink.
verb: to have a sexual intercourse (only if you have a moo and an oink)
see also sex(remember, impossible to have a moink without a moo and an oink)
oink moinked moo when moo was mooing.
by Oink February 12, 2004

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golly, oyster, phlegm .. something left on the ground after an exercise in phlegm projection. (aussie)

Sprog definition thought to originate from foetal resemblance.
Hey, I just trod in your sprog. Kindly use a tissue asshole.
by oink March 08, 2005

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Sweding, To Swede, verb.
The act of -punishing- ungreatful (or any kind of disbehavior from) suckers, preferably Swedish citizens (in cetrain cases, may also apply to other nationalities, in no way of a racial, but descriptive matter.)
Because of your recent provoking disbehavior, you will have to take the consequences, which in this case means being objected to Sweding.
by Oink September 21, 2003

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Cardiff International Arena

Arena, in Cardiff, where bands play
Oh butt! Comin to the gig tonight at the CIA?
by oink July 27, 2004

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