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A brick with a touch screen that claims it's a phone even though we all know everyone uses it for anything but calling people,
includes braindead games, listening to music, watching youtube videos, and taking pictures, because that's what phones were made
iPhone Fanboy: LOLz OMGsh did u see the new iPhone? i got it and i play all da gamesh all day!
Normal Guy: ...You realize that anything you can do on the iPhone you can do on other devices like a computer or camera?
iPhone Fanboy: ur jusht jealous cuz u dont have 1!
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013

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A house pet that will first start it's reign of terror by shitting in a litter box in the corner of your basement,
it then with lay or tramp around in the box for a few seconds, then it jumps onto your kitchen counter while
you have food out and steps in it with crappy paws. After you keep your cat a few days, it will probably run
off to find a new victim.
Cat Lover: Aww, look at her! Shes walking around on the counter!
Normal Person: You realize she just walked around in a box that she craps in and is now sitting on the table you eat/make food on, right?
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013

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The most annoying thing you'll ever see or hear anywhere ever.
They start their demonic ritual by landing on your skin, then they
insert a there tiny freakish straw into you. They collect blood from
you and carry viruses, then after the mini-devil gets away, it leaves
a red mark/dot on you that itches like hell.
Guy 1: Eww, is that a zit?
Guy 2: Nah, I got bit by a mosquito yesterday... *Scratching*
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013

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