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A phrase used to politely tell someone they look like garbage by insinuating that they stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding in a Western time zone.
1st person: Hey, look at Phil.
2nd Person: Ya, he looks mega tired.
1st Person: He must have watched the wedding live.
by OhCocoa April 30, 2011
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English teacher (teaching class): It's two words. A lot is TWO WORDS.

Student note being passed around: She screams alot lol

(Teacher picks up note, reads it)


(Teacher loses marbles)
by OhCocoa September 8, 2011
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An individual who likes to appear as though they are whole in health. The term can also be used to diss a yoga poser on the sly.

Signs of a yoga poser:

1. Lulu lemon garb. Exclusively.
2. Drinks health beverages in public, such as herbal green tea, but then returns home to down litres of Lipton green tea.
3. Brags frequently about weekly yoga sessions, though they have probably attended less than one.
4. Uses impressive Sanskrit terminology to sound yoga savy.
5. Professes an interest in "good music" but in reality listens to Taylor Swift or some garbage.
Yoga Poser: Oh my goodness, that Jalandhara Bandha yesterday made my quads soooo sore!
Normal Person: Is that an Oh Henry I see in your pocket?
Yoga Poser: Wha? No, that's a fruit supplement bar...
Normal Person: Do you even know what quads are?

Normal Person: Hahahaha man, Ophelia is such a yoga poser!
Another Normal Person (quietly): Ya, what a flake!
Ophelia: Uh, what?
Normal Person: It means you're a yoga professional. Way to be.
Ophelia puts in headphones.
Normal Person: Is that Taylor Swift?
Ophelia: Um...no! (flustered) It's "insert good band name here"
Another Normal Person: Sure it is. (winks at friend)
by OhCocoa June 24, 2011
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