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A girl who is always effortlessly hot. She has no need for make up but tends to wear it anyway. She comes off as a strong person but her actions are often heavily influenced by others. Tries to jump into relationships too fast. ramshas frequently fall in love with their closest male friends but when they ask her out she declines, saying that she 'doesn't want a relationship right now' which causes them to beg her she is the most attractive woman and is really kind and GENEROUS she gets bullied but dosent want anyone to find out she is the most luckiest woman on earth and she is basically and angel but when she gets angry then u wouldnt want to talk to her just hug her she wants a best friend who understands them for life if ur friends with a ramsha then ur lucky also when she has a beef with you then she can and will roast u till u burn but overall she is the cutest most loyalist woman ever
I wish my eyes were like ramshas

I love ramsha

Ramsha is a perfectionist
by TrueGurl February 28, 2017
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a woman with breath taking beauty and heavenly large eyes. Ramshas are also loyal lover, they are confident, sympathetic and very well read.
Due to her perfection in all walks of life. She is subjected to obsession, jealousy and petty rumors. She keeps a civil distance.
her eyes remind me of Ramsha.
Ramsha is one magical creation.
I wish I was as well spoken as Ramsha.
by beautylova July 10, 2011
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Name- Means beautiful, or the moon, its in arabic name.

Shes considered smart, intelligent and simpathetic . She'll do anything to make somebody to smile.
Wow she such a Ramsha.
by LittleLola43 July 06, 2011
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