6 definitions by ObsidianWraith

When a large number of men ejaculate into a funnel attached to a woman's vagina, then proceed to wait 9 months for the baby to be born, then get a paternity test and see who the babies father is.
That hoe been with so many diesel ass mutha F**k'as, she might as well have played a game of baby daddy Bukakke Roulette
by ObsidianWraith October 16, 2017
When you thrust so hard during intercourse your testicles accidentally slide all the way in to the orifice of your choice.
I'm going at it like a freaking Jackhammer on 43rd Street, and then all the sudden I have a case of testicular hydroplaning right into her ass
by ObsidianWraith October 25, 2017
It's like a Cleveland steamer, only done specifically by Stan Lee, creator of several comic book characters in the Marvel Superheroes Universe.
I went to Comic-Con to meet the one and only Stan Lee. Little did I know, all that was available at that particular panel was the privilege of getting a Stan Lee Steamer.
by ObsidianWraith January 4, 2018
When you purposefully spray Liquid ass in your restroom to make it miserable for the next person who has to poop after you.
Holy crap dude, I Kamikaze shart the shitter and Mike threw up before he could even begin pooping
by ObsidianWraith March 28, 2023
Someone who is able to change their sexual orientation at will
He was a boy last night, but now she's a girl. I think she's a transformer. We call her Optimus Prime.
by ObsidianWraith November 6, 2017
People who think or claim to be woke, but are just offended for the sake of being offended
That dude who got mad at that white chick who wore a Chinese dress ain't woke, he just sleep walking.
by ObsidianWraith May 1, 2018