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The irresistible aroma from a young woman's pussy when she's hot. It's best enjoyed when she's on a bar stool beside you, in a tight miniskirt. She uncrosses her fishnet stockinged legs, opens her thighs a little, and then recrosses her legs, the nylon rasping. If you're well positioned her pussyscent will hit you in an intoxicating wave of hot, supercharged pheromes, musk and cheap perfume. If she's been recently fucked bareback there might be almonds or vanilla. A clean girl will never smell fishy, and the better whores will take trouble to avoid this - it's bad for business.
I watched the sexy slut as she sat on her barstool. Her pussyscent was lethal. I saw her use the leg crossing ploy over, and over again. One whiff was usually enough. The man would be ensnared, helpless to resist her.
by O'Flagherty May 5, 2008
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The art of smoking cigarettes, pipes, or cigars with the vagina. When smoking cigarettes vaginally it is best to use a long cigarette holder, otherwise they get wet and end up as a crumpled, soggy mess. Cigars, especially large rigid ones, are better as it is easy to insert them and to make an airtight seal for effective inhalation. Pipes look a bit comical, especially the swan-neck variety. It is vital to make arrangements in advance for the collection of ash, otherwise there can be nasty burns.
She bit off the end of a large Cuban cigar, lit it, and inhaled. Next she opened her thighs, and parting her glistening pussylips, inserted the end of the cigar into her pussy. She contracted her pussy muscles and the end glowed red as she drew the smoke up deep inside her. She paused and then, with immaculate control, allowed the smoke to escape from between her pretty pussylips. Once or twice, when pussysmoking, she managed a smoke ring, so excellent was her control.
by O'Flagherty May 5, 2008
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A tiny, crotchless thong which frames pussy in a window between thin bands of lacy material. Some types have a fine thread of pearls running from the top of the 'window' between the girl's pussylips. This thread connects to the waist band at the base of the spine. Another type has a feather attached to stimulate the clitoris. Open thongs are often decorated with semi-precious jewels, pearls, diamante, lace or sequins.
Her idea of heaven was to be knickerless, to strut her stuff wearing just an open thong under her tight red miniskirt. It was a sure-fire way of getting cocks and sperm.
by O'Flagherty December 15, 2007
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Her pussylips glistened with her sweet honey.
by O'Flagherty June 26, 2007
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Her pussylips glistened with her sweet honey.
by O'Flagherty August 12, 2007
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Milk produced by a woman following childbirth. It is lower in fat than cow's milk and is sweeter due to its high lactose content. Its flow is stimulated by the hormone oxytocin from the pituitary gland, and by suckling. It is said that any young woman will begin to produce milk if suckled persistently over many days or weeks. Many men and women enjoy the delicate taste of breast milk. The act of giving and taking it for some is a uniquely intimate bond of love. Breast milk contains antibodies which help protect the infant. It has been used as a disinfectant and applied to wounds, stings, and bites to aid healing.

Human breast milk can be stored in a sealed container in a refrigerator at -4 C for up to 72 hours. Alternatively, it can be stored frozen in suitable containers at -20 C for up to 6 months.

Pooled human milk has been used successfully to make a very soft crumbly cheese although not on a commercial scale. This may change since sheep or goats could, in theory, have their genetic code altered to produce milk with the same chemical composition as human milk. Breast milk has been used by a few chefs who wish astonish their customers, or more likely, to gain publicity.
Breast milk is commonly known as mother's milk. The widespread use of wet nurses both now and in the past makes this a bit of an old wives tale.
by O'Flagherty December 30, 2010
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The girl inserts around 20 cherries in her pussy, or as many as will fit in easily. It is essential to count how many go in. The man takes a wooden spoon with a long handle and uses the handle to mix up the cherries inside the pussy. The girl lies down and they wait 20 - 30 minutes for the cherries to 'cook'. The man then scoops the cherries out and they eat them. At the end the number of stones are counted. Missing stones must be found and there is only one place to look!
She was a girl who loved sex and didn't mind selling herself now and again. With a pussy full of cherries she could only be called one thing - a cherry tart.
by O'Flagherty June 2, 2007
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