4 definitions by O'Brennan

(n) a person who is so gay, he is not allowed to go out with his boys to watch a gay soccer match.
Hey, is Mike coming over for the World Cup? Nah...he's such a fuckin' Brust.
by O'Brennan June 18, 2010
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(adj) The condition of having a sore and burning ass after a day of "swamp ass" from eating spicy ethnic foods, like a doner kabob or Thai food.
Dude, I can't make it out tonight, I have brustal ass. I never should have had that street food after the strip club. I'm a total douche. How'd you guys keep your asses so clean?
by O'Brennan November 21, 2010
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(adj) the act of going out with the boys, innocently, but having the night turn out horribly wrong for one member of the group. This is typically because of over-drinking or general douche-baggery.
How was the Irish pub the other night? It was fine except that Mike brusted the whole damn thing...He had five beers and then puked on the dance floor. That guy cannot hold his booze.
by O'Brennan July 14, 2010
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(n) A male version of the dreaded "bikini-spider." These unfortunate social-faux-paus are caused by a total lack of twigs-and-berries grooming. Also known as "out of control" male bush, brusters should never be sported in front of your boys or potential ladies.
Dude, I am never sharing a locker with Mike again...we are changing for a quick game of lacrosse at the club, and I fuckin have to look at his brusters for 4 minutes. They even show through his gay shorts. Fuck that guy.
by O'Brennan July 14, 2010
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