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a rap group for white people. Actually, they're not really a hip hop group, more like a pop-rap group (see 50-Cent).

"My Humps" pratically made them garbage. Honestly, my humps? What next, candy shop and laffy taffy?

Oh wait.....
They were good with that whole "where is the love" thing. But "My Humps" screwed them in the ass.

looks like an Old Navy commercial

I have to say Black Eyed Peas here
by nutsacks April 09, 2006

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Eminem]'s alter ego.

just look up Eminem], they're the same person.
Slim Shady

I need to have 20 letters here and 3 words
by nutsacks April 09, 2006

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The black equivalent to MTV. Filled with prgrams that include "ghetto" black guys and bitches with huge asses it's no wonder that most black people are looked at as idiots.

MTV, only with black people. Same retarded programming, only with rap...nevermind, they're both the same. Seriously.

friend1: Often gets a bad rep for its name but is no different than MTV except that it caters to the Black audience rather than Whites, of course that's forbidden in America though!

Me:Oh, so those girls shaking their asses is culture? What about cadilacs and "pimpin bitches"? Culture? No wonder so many people think black peole are insane. They tune into BET and see "yo yo yo yo bitch bitch fuck fuck nigga wha???? yea Jay Z foo"

by Nutsacks March 30, 2006

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some show that gets all the jocks pissed off so they go around saying stupid stuff like

P1:"Dood, Pokemon sucks man, we're so cool we havce cars and a life, FAGS"

P2:"All right man! Awesome joke! gud 1!!!!"

to prove that they're so much cooler and "hardcore" and have a "life" (give me your definition).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for it, but it seems like the people who hate it are usually retarded.
"Dood, Pokemons sooo GAY FAGS QUEERS!!!!"

"lol gud 1"

*high five*

we're so cool, c'mon, lets sit on a couch and watch some guys play football.....
by Nutsacks April 07, 2006

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