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11:34 is said to be the most demonic time of day. This is when the time 11:34 spells "hell" upside-down on a digital clock. Ancient civilization's wall paintings reveal that if you don't have your pants on and you look at the clock at the exact moment it changes to 11:34 you shall be cursed for eternity, and Satan shall claim your pants.
Steve: Tim! Did you hear about Bill?
Tim: No, what is it?
Steve: He's in the hospital because he got the curse of 11:34!
Tim: OMG, my life is ruined!
by Numbskull June 01, 2010
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A medical disorder in which the space between the two buttocks has uncontrollable itching and scratching.
Jane: Hey Bill! do you want to go to the zoo this weekend?

Bill: I can't I have a horrible case of crackitchitus.

Jane: Awwww, that's too bad

Bill: Jane, i have 24 hours to live

Jane: HAHA >:D
by NumbSkull May 01, 2010
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