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A scally from gipton (Leeds) who wears the same washed out tight blue jeans tucked into his cheap socks complete with the standard giptonite footwear: rockports. Normally wears about 73 cheap gold sovereign rings together with a fake red/blue/green berghaus fleece. They are also infamous for the compulsory faded baseball cap tilted at approximately 82 degrees showing a manky fringe which is normally left to grow obscuring vision while the rest of their head is shaved. From the lack of clean water combined with the allergy to reading, culture etc. they "mature" to be hateful, and ignorant growing to hate all the rich people, black people, asian people, gay people etc.
Harmless in small numbers, but dangerous in a group of about twenty+ Normally called Kayley, Danny, Jimmy, Kacey Kimberley, or anything else that can be shortened to have an "ay" sound at the end.
Walk into any standard dole office/kwiksave/jjb and you are sure to find a couple of giptonites circulating around the exits with more than they walked in with. Stear Clear
by Northern Grammer July 24, 2004

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def 1: to be extremely tired/hung over etc.

def 2: to go out out have a good time.
1: i'm bloody kankerd after all dat croquet practise.

2:I went out last night and got kankerd, they took me wallet and me shoes but it were great!
by Northern Grammer July 24, 2004

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