7 definitions by Nobuyuki

the ability to tell when somebody is aroused when they are hiding it, for example over the phone.
Don't lie to Superman, he's got sex-ray vision
by Nobuyuki March 28, 2004
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Wait a minute... this isn't anthrax, it's MANTHRAX :O*********
by Nobuyuki September 18, 2004
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A phrase requesting to be given the hook up for a URL or website address. Based on a popular Star Trek phrase.
"Dude check out my website"
"Link me up, Scotty"
by Nobuyuki October 3, 2003
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Millions upon millions.
That missile must have cost a kabillion dollars
by Nobuyuki October 3, 2003
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l33tsp34k for Boxer shorts. Often used in the same sentance as r0x0r to emphasize something being awesome or arousing.
by Nobuyuki October 6, 2003
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to apply a ban to a user from using an IRC chatroom. Only ops can ban users.
stfu before i give you a ban sandwich
by Nobuyuki February 18, 2004
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