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Acronym for Post Pico Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD that comes after watching boku no Pico
Guy A: *shuddering and shaking*

Guy B: Tf is wrong with him
Guy C: He has PPTSD
by Nobody1995 October 22, 2017
Acronym. Post Porn Identity Disorder

Identity crisis that comes after watching a fucked up porno
Guy A: who am I?

Guy B: tf are you talking about?

Guy C: He has PPID
by Nobody1995 October 22, 2017
Person someone goes to for seratonin/ gets their seratonin from
Person A: *is depressed*

Person B: *Cheers them up*

Person A: “You’re my seratonin daddy
by Nobody1995 July 15, 2022
An anniversary of someone surviving a suicide attempt, a tragic or traumatic event or a terminal illness
Person A: why are you crying? Is something wrong?
Person B: it’s my survivalversary i never thought i would make it this far but here i am

Person A: well i’m glad you’re still here
by Nobody1995 January 28, 2023
When you feel horny and masturbate but after failed attempts of climaxing it turns out you just weren’t in the mood
*person tries many times to climax while masturbating but they later find out they just weren’t in the mood*

Guy: I guess it was a false horny alarm
by Nobody1995 August 15, 2021
A man who is a complete cunt and a total brainlet who thinks he’s a prince when in reality he’s an ugly nasty ass frog examples include super straight “nice guys” and incels
Person A: wow that guy’s a total cunt and a brainlet who thinks he’s hot shit

Person B: he’s not a prince he’s a 🐸
by Nobody1995 March 29, 2021
A manic pixie dream girl that is broken or jaded in some way and often has a tragic backstory usually suffers some form of mental illness usually a personality, mood, or dissociative disorder and/or ptsd due to/from a traumatic event in her past
Examples of the manic depressive pixie dream girl would be ophelia from hamlet or misaki nakahara from the anime adaptation of welcome to the nhk
by Nobody1995 May 8, 2022