4 definitions by NoBleu

Person 1: “wonder what they are plotting
Person 2: “I don’t know they stay doing stuff on the bounce
by NoBleu November 28, 2018
The bridge just collapsed

“Oh no we’re in a sally
by NoBleu July 7, 2019
When you’re doing something (usually having a good time) and you’re totally oblivious to the chaos that’s going on around you or the unfortunate future, and consequences.
I was driving down the road singing to music and I ran out of gas. I was straight Dazzlin’ on E.

Them guys in the Titanic was straight up Dazzlin’ in the ocean with that ice burg.
by NoBleu December 10, 2020
Someone who’s a total bummer and is also petty.
Angie was being suuuper peggy today”
“Yeah she totally ruined our day”
by NoBleu July 20, 2018