To be or look completely fresh with tight gear accesories etc.

Another word for something just being extremely cool.
Hey yo homie, check out that cutie over there. Man is she dazzlin.

Person 1: Hey man have you played HALO 3 on the XBOX 360 yet?

Person 2: Nah foo is it off the hook?

Person 1: Heck yea Dogg it's dazzlin.
by PresT0n January 1, 2008
Dazzlin’ - The Street Slang Word Meanin’ Dazzling.
“Lingua Franca Gettin' Ever Rebranded As Dazzling, New & Ever Spankin' Unisex Fashion Label, Ever Inscribed At Cursive Writin', Dazzlin' Ever As Its Street Slang Word, Its Slogan Ever As “Ever Dazzlin’”, Ever Gettin' Ish Ever Str8 Dope Ever Sold To Its Customers Likewise The Unisex Fashion Label, next, & Ever Headquartered At West 125 Street, Harlem At NYC With Its Shop Locations At All The Major Cities At Anywhere Wherever & Ever Owned By The Goonie, Ever Street Thug, Harlem aka Flea & Kiery Weiry. #Legit #Str8Dope #DatsWassup” - The Goonie, Ever Street Thug, Harlem aka Flea & Kiery Weiry.
by Hzr September 28, 2020
When you’re doing something (usually having a good time) and you’re totally oblivious to the chaos that’s going on around you or the unfortunate future, and consequences.
I was driving down the road singing to music and I ran out of gas. I was straight Dazzlin’ on E.

Them guys in the Titanic was straight up Dazzlin’ in the ocean with that ice burg.
by NoBleu December 10, 2020