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The following is a calculation (unofficial) for determining the size of your ePenis.

ePenis being a term attached to Geeks/Nerds on the internet who wish to represent themselves by way of the ePenis.

Some refer to the ePenis as the levels of '1337', while some refer to ePenis as a method in which people give themselves their desired endowment size.

The following calculation bypasses both beliefs, and is based on the idea that ePenis is related to the amout of time one spent with the computer.

ePenis = Bandwidth use x HDD space consumed / age

Bandwidth use, bytes received (per month), times by hard drive space consumed so.. 50gb out of 80gb for example, divided by your age.

Everything is calculated in GB (Gigabytes) to make things easier. The age is in years (Duh). The result is represented as inches.

The inches is the length of your ePenis.

HDD space consumed is how much space you've used on all active hdd's attached to your computer.

Of course, the idea is that it changes per month, to prevent any one person having the 'largest' ePenis for all time, giving anyone a chance of having the 'largest' ePenis size.
My ePenis is <insert calculated length> long this month.
by Nirach July 17, 2006

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