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An anime villainess that you hate her guts, but feel sorry for her when she begs for mercy.

Malty is the main villain From Rising of the Shield hero
Me: Malty S Melomarc is a traitor, but she deserves mercy
by Nion_YT June 27, 2022
The sound anime characters make when they scream in pain. Derives from AHHHHHHH, ARGHHHHHH, YAHHHHH, KYAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Me/Nion: Wait! Please! I beg mercy! Please don’t kill me!

Just a random Roblox player who I tricked into bieng killed: DIE TRAITOR! *kills with sword*

Nion: GYAHHHHHH! *dies with pink blood spurting out*
by Nion_YT March 7, 2022
A computer video game where you play as your own created waifus and battle them. Rated as NSFW on steam for some reason, I don’t know why, because the gameplay looks tame, maybe it’s the cutscenes in the story mode.
Me: I want to play Fight Angel, but I don’t know what it’s rated. It doesn’t look that inappropriate but it says NSFW. Maybe I should wait until it gets rated.
by Nion_YT June 22, 2022
My favourite song. Senbonzakura means “1000 cherry trees” In Japanese. Song by Hutsune Miku
Miku and Nion: *sings Senbonzakura*
by Nion_YT March 7, 2022
A joke from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Dimitri and Dedue are finding plants among the weeds, Dimitri wants to eat the weeds but Dedue tells him not to.
Dimitri: Sometimes you find edible plants among the weeds

Dedue: Please do not eat the weeds
by Nion_YT May 8, 2022