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In the computer technolgy industry in the US, specifically, refering to anyone who is not an Indian National (see definition of 'dot').
"John, who works for Acme Engineering, is their null dot exception." - the implication here, being that Acme Engineering is populated predominantly by Indians (dots, not woowoo).
by NinjaL3rK March 8, 2005
A corporate surgical procedure that involves the laying off of on-shore employees to make way for the provisioning of those jobs to off-shore employees.
Acme Corp recently underwent an Indianectomy in its IT department. Corporate was able to successfully remove over 6.5 Million dollars in employee costs, while reducing productivity by 375%. The effective quality of life for 250 Bangalorans was unchanged.
by NinjaL3rK July 22, 2005
Hinglish is a concatenation of "Hindu" and "English". It is the dialect, and accent spoken by Indian nationals (see 'dots').
Call any major credit card company, and chances are, their customer service is outsourced to India. You will experience Hinglish first hand.

"today morning" instead of "this morning"
by NinjaL3rK May 17, 2005
Indian national - refering to the dot that is frequently found on the forehead of Indians.
That !@#!@#$ credit card company has dots taking their customer service calls now.
by NinjaL3rK March 7, 2005