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This is what happens when you watch a video on YouTube, watch a suggested video shown at the far right edge of the screen, and another, and another until you end up at a video that is completely different from what you originally watched.
I want to see some Pokemon game glitches. I'll check YouTube. (One hour passes) Why am I listening to "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"? YouTube digression, I guess.
by Nikki Delfino September 26, 2011

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It's like six pack abs, but with eight ab muscles.
Did you see that guy's eight pack?
by Nikki Delfino December 21, 2011

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A sexual attraction to Finnish people. This is understandable considering that there are many sexy Finnish guys - Ville Valo, Olli Herman, Jyrki 69, etc.
Jess: I don't know about you, but I have serious Finnophilia.
Dani: You go, girl!
by Nikki Delfino November 20, 2011

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A male brunette.
Pepe is a natural bruno.
by Nikki Delfino November 20, 2011

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The ear-splitting blast of noise that occurs when two cars roll down their windows and play their radios at high volume.
These two guys at the stoplight got into a huge battle of the radios.
by Nikki Delfino September 30, 2011

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A reply to an obvious question. This is a reference to the short movie "Don't Sleep, Robby" from Newgrounds.
Makeo: *playing drums*
Eddie: Are you playing the drums?
Makeo: You got yourself a deal!
by Nikki Delfino August 21, 2011

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A belittling or endearing term for Dutch people.
Oh, he's a Dutchie!
by Nikki Delfino August 11, 2011

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