5 definitions by Nickobrevin

the sound your backside makes when you have recently eaten something potent.
its a 2-syllable fart: the 1st part is a quiet, suppressed and discreet noise; the 2nd is ultra loud and represents a failure to contain the pressure of the rectum
"this week, i have been mostly eating bake beans, scotch eggs and drinking fizzy pop!".... gu-HONK!.... "pardon me :S"
by Nickobrevin October 10, 2006
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A facial disfigurement. Someone who suffers from 'gloonkey' has a lower jaw that protrudes further than the upper jaw. The word is specifically defined so that if a sufferer pronounces it, their condition is expressed to the extreme due to the gurning involved, and thus other people who see it will understand the meaning on a visual basis.
"have you seen morrissey from the smiths? he has a bad case of gloonkey..."
"i'm sure bruce springsteen has gloonkey..."
by Nickobrevin August 23, 2006
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the sound made by acne spot when you squeeze it really hard and it bursts with high pressure
ooh, ike.... arghhhhh QUT!
by Nickobrevin May 11, 2006
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a war cry used by the afro-karateka warchiefs of north america in the early 1970s. it increases the power and precision of their attacks and also features as a startling tactic due to its incredibly odd sound.
attacker: "he's not goin' to hawaii!"
afro-karateka: "doy! doy! d-d-d-d-doyyyy!
by Nickobrevin May 11, 2006
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when a dog with an itchy ringpiece sits upright on a rough carpet and pulls itself along with just its front legs to get relief
"check it out dude! your dog is doin a toboggan run!"
"urgh - its left a mooky trail..."
by Nickobrevin September 21, 2006
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