5 definitions by NickFromLaffayette

A kid (mostly boy) who plays a game 24/7 and gets good at it. Similar to sweat.
Jordan is a freakin Adderall kid. He plays fortnite all day and gets good at it.
by NickFromLaffayette May 04, 2020
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An e-girl who makes simps cum in their pants and she probably has herpes and AIDS.
Damn, Timmy is such a simp. I caught him watching Belle Delphine with Cheeto dust on his hand
by NickFromLaffayette April 07, 2020
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Some "health drink" basic bitches drink which tastes like piss mixed with vinegar and motor oil.
God dammit, Evelyn keeps drinking that shitty kombucha. She's such a basic bitch.
by NickFromLaffayette December 06, 2020
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Someone who doesn't use deodorant and his room smells funky
Jared is such a weeb, I caught him watch hentai in his room.
by NickFromLaffayette April 21, 2020
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A sarcastic way of people saying something lame in response.
Person 1: I don't like the smell of weed

Person 2: You're fun at parties.
by NickFromLaffayette April 17, 2020
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