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Another word for gelatin. Took me a while to find this information so I thought I'd post it for others.
Grenetine is a protein based gum derived from animals mainly.
by Nessie November 10, 2004
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the ghetto way to say supposed
person #1: i thought you was comin over my house?

person #2: see i was, but i was fosed to go somewhere.
by Nessie April 19, 2005
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From the Egyption word "ferjayng"
which means, "to play with the opposite sex"

see: horny or other sexually associated words

Ferjangle, or Ferjangling, is to partake in sexual activities with someone else, usually of the opposite sex
(ignore fejangle)
"i need someone to ferjangle with!"
desperate ugly person


"ferjangle anyone?"
slutty whore


"Orlando is *such* a great ferjangler!"
by Nessie January 12, 2005
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An individual who is tall and skinny, with long limbs severly out of proportion to the rest of their body. Coordination is skewed, making them look somewhat retarded infront of other people. Often the personality of the individual is similarly skewed, for example believing they know everything within the universe. Other traits of "lanksterism" include stealing peoples food, bitching about all of their friends behind their backs, holding grudges, and in a general sense being total wierd compared to the rest of society.
Hamish is such a lankster, I bet he could tie himself up with his arms.

Bec is so fucked up, she keeps stealing peoples food! Her voice is so annoying it makes me want to kill myself. Fucking lanky ho
by nessie June 14, 2003
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