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A cartoon of a cat named Tom and a Mouse named Jerry that go out of their way fuck with one another. A show usely aired on cartoon network and is enjoyable to watch while smoking reefer. Jerry is always making tom look like his bitch.
*You and Friend watching Tom and Jerry
Friend: You see Jerry just drop one kilo on Toms head?
You: Yeah Jerry's that nigga
by Nerd Nasty November 26, 2009
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An ex security guard from the ''Jerry Springer Show'' that some how got his own show where he yells at people he doesnt know about their siuation that he knows nothing about. His show ,definitely a buzz kill, will have you wanting to reach through the screen and T-bag his bitch ass. All of his lie detecter test comes out negative.
Facts (or not) about Steve Wilkos:
He has a low sperm count and hairy back
Likes to gargle peanut butter for recreational activities
drives a Prius
Has a relationship with Jerry comparable to that of Bird Man and Lil Wayne
He hopes to one day get the viewer ratings of his dad
Really enjoys throwing chairs
Has a tattoo of Jerry on his ass
Friend:I need help doing a report at school about bald bitches, can u point me in the right direction?
You: No problem. Professor Xaviar, rnb singer Cassie, and Steve Wilkos
by Nerd Nasty November 26, 2009
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A person that is half filipino and half black
The rnb singer cassie is considered a filipinigga
by Nerd Nasty November 26, 2009
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A phrase used to your feelings of disgust for someone elses complete lack of knowledge or common sense.
friend:Did you know that you can have dreams and not remember them?
You: Nigga na
by Nerd Nasty December 2, 2009
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A He Bitch is a very feminine guy who usely does not openly admit being gay. He grew up helping mommy bake cookies and cakes. He is always arguing with someone while rolling his neck and using girlish hand guestures. He is always running his mouth and alway backing down from a fight. He seems oblivious to his girlish ways and shows no shame in public. He will respond agressively when being called gay(funny). A good example of a He Bitch would be Boston from Mtv's "I Love New York".
You- "Dont fucking roll your neck at me like that, he bitch"
He Bitch- "Its my neck and ill fucking roll it if i feel like it"
You-"...............you didnt just fucking say that"
by Nerd Nasty October 15, 2009
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