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A kickass message board known only to the elite among the GameFAQs community. Home to many of GameFAQs finest users.
n00bie69: Wow, this place kicks ASS!

Vetrens of ACSB: No shit, this is the ACSB after all.

n00bie69: OMFG! This is even better than LUE!
by NeoMario February 11, 2005

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In message boards: These are normally topics that an author creates a main storyline, and have the other people periodically choose what action will follow next (usually at a critical point in the story). If done well, they can be one of the most enjoyable topics on a board.
NeoMario: Alex sees a girl comming towards him. He...

A) Walks up and tells her his name.
B) Runs away.
C) Casually say "Hi" when she gets close.
D) SeXX0rZ her FACE!!

MegamanEXE 2003:D!!!!111!!11
Cream: I think C ^.^
Ace: E) Ignore her since she's 300lb lesbian
gabbo: lol, then B :P
by NeoMario February 11, 2005

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~Error correction~

The God of Gamefaqs is actually CjayC, not CmenC.
CjayC is so 1337 he can pwn your ass by BANNANATION.
by NeoMario February 09, 2005

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