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Rapper With the Holy Grail for a Mouth, Best Rapper alive, signed to the Greatest Record Label. Sounds great with MF Doom and Prefuse 73.
Works often with Blockhead
Music foe Earthworms
Labor Days
Daylight EP
Bazooka Tooth
Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives EP
by NeL March 01, 2005

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hunterholic is a term that is often confused with 'alcoholic', they do indeed have similarities but at the same tim they are very differt.
Being a hunterholic is basically taking things to another level.
It orginated from a long haired boy named Adam Hunt, whos preffered drink was a pint of stella.
A early syntom of being a hunterholic is When on a night out, you are never seen without a pint glass glued to your right/left arm.
by Nel July 20, 2004

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U such a nel
by nel March 17, 2015

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This is yet another slang term that derived from a small and special group from wilmslow. Windy was the first person to use the word on a regular basis, it was so ifectious that the whole group(Nel,Neil,Tommy D, Dani, Arron, Chuckles etc) were saying it at alarming rates.
It can be used as a greeting 'a what you shexy mofo'
It is also often used as a sign of being pissed off 'a what, so you wont give me head?'
Also it is often used to express suprise or shock 'a what, you have to be kidding!'
by Nel July 21, 2004

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