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A word coined by Thomas Kuhn to describe a closed set of scientific theories that are coherent and are well accepted by the larger scientific community.

Also see paradigm shift.
My new quantum theory is garanteed to shake the scientific community and cause a paradigm shift towards a new set of theories.
by Nathar Leichoz February 14, 2005

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the cops
Pronounced: five-oh
"Hey you've got a five-o", meaning, "Hey the cops are watching you."
by Nathar Leichoz May 31, 2003

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A male who likes to have rectinal intercourse with other males.
Hey homo.. er.. I mean battiboy.
by Nathar Leichoz May 14, 2003

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A system of government comprising of the four influences: state, society, market, and the global insertion.
A healthy regime has a caring state with a strong sense of social responsibility and an open and thriving market and with good international relationships with other countries.
by Nathar Leichoz February 14, 2005

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When a person rejects the conclusion of an argument by attacking its source, rather than attacking its premise.
Hitler claims that the earth goes around the sun.
But Hitler is evil and cannot be trusted.
Therefore the earth does not go around the sun.
by Nathar Leichoz July 24, 2004

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The male version of the female slut or bimbo.
John is a player.
by Nathar Leichoz November 26, 2003

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A person who rejects the truth for a more relativistic view of a topic. The truth then becomes non-existent and what we perceive as the truth is really just a paradigm shift from one ideology to the next.
That guy isn't really as smart as he seems. He just happens to be smarter than most people in this room. In fact there's no such thing as a smart person.
by Nathar Leichoz December 08, 2004

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