155 definitions by Nathan

1. A rude , insolent and/or indeserving person
2. A bag made of anus
3. A hanging anus resembling a scrotum
You anusbag! I showed you my anus bag the other day.
by Nathan December 30, 2004
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Quite literally change, or chaotic nature. Vicissitude would be used to describe the emotional state of mental patients or the chemical properties of nitro and glycerin.
Vicissitude is a word that is used mainly to belittle others in that very few people know it's meaning.
by Nathan July 17, 2004
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one who is a complete loser in everything he or she does.
Jeff, you are such a scrubchaw because you suck at everything.
by nathan January 24, 2005
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someone who doesnt like to drive
eric: Lets go watch a movie
Jennie: ok
eric: you drive
jennie: why did you bust a moshay on me?
by nathan August 10, 2004
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see misspelled term faecal japan
Man, that shit is even more gross than fecal japan!
by Nathan March 29, 2005
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(Adj.) Suprisingly high when considering the amount of marijuana that has been smoked.
Man, i'm pretty torn off that little joint.
by Nathan July 20, 2004
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a negitive term for a black person
e.g blimey look at that mungle junkie (cockney accent)
by nathan November 08, 2004
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