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The main protagonist of the winter 2022 anime Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout. Not to be mistaken with the other Hinata from Tokyo Revengers.
Why does Tachibana Hinata have razor sharp teeth?
by Narrow Lines June 11, 2022
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A multimedia franchise series about bands consisting of five girls who shoot for their dreams. The name of the franchise is laughed at because it sounds wrong. Not to mention that the series has a character that is mistakenly thought to be the mascot of a certain website.
"Do you know about the BanG Dream! franchise? There is a character that looks exactly like HH-chan."
"Shut the hell up, dude."
by Narrow Lines March 9, 2021
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An English football club that plays in the English Premier League. They were once the best team in England and also once one of the best teams in Europe. Nowadays they are a shadow of its former shelf and an absolute laughing stock due to the club being run more as a business by the Glazers rather than a football club.
Manchester United may take decades to rise as an elite team again.
by Narrow Lines June 18, 2022
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