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A condition that occurs when someone is chunky enough, a bra will sink into their back fat forcing unsightly flaps of skin to protrude over their bra strap creating a floppy "boob-like" formation in their shoulder-blade region. This condition is well documented in smaller towns where there are ample supplies of bacon. It has also been known to correlate directly to a FUPA.
That bitch must be trying to counter-balance her Double D breasts with her C Back Boobies.
by Narcolepticjay August 28, 2006

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These fantastically nasty nipples can be identified when the size of the nipple is so exceedingly large that it could be mistaken for a skin-based dinnerware.
My girlfriend doesn't have to do dishes anymore because I lick her Dishplate Nipples completely clean after every meal.
by Narcolepticjay August 29, 2006

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This ambiguous sound can be noticed when a rather large person's double, triple, or quadruple chin has accumulated enough mass to slap against their neck, creating a subtle clap-like noise that is produced by the movement of their jaw while eating or sometimes talking. Sometimes mistaken for lip-smacking, if you are chubby enough to have a pelican's applause, you might as well just keep eating because your ass will never be thin.
Roseanne Barr is so lazy she just flaps her jaw for her Pelican's Applause instead of exerting the energy to move her arms at awards shows.
by Narcolepticjay August 30, 2006

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This emotion usually stems from an unfounded sensitivity to a superficial prank, joke, or durogatory statement. It's most hilarious uses are on highly religious or homophobic people since it also implicates the hyper-sensitive person as being a big Mo if male, or an anal-receiving Sperm Sponge if female.
I don't know why Tom Cruise got so butt hurt about that in the closet episode on South Park when he probably owns his own astro-glide production plant to keep up with the amount of anal lube he goes through.
by Narcolepticjay September 04, 2006

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