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The most horrifying person i've ever met.

Recently here in Indonesia they found one of the workers in McDonald's dressed like Ronald McDonald in the toilet, where he was sexually molesting a 7-year old girl.

For some very strange reason they do have security cameras in the toilets (i'm being 100% serious here), so everything, yes everything of the event got caught on tape.

I believe someone put up the video on the internet, however i can't seem to find it, so i guess they took it down.

Anyway, Ronald McDonald is the mascot of the McDonald's fast food chain. After the incident i stated above occured the parents of the 7-year old girl filed a lawsuit against Ronald (lol) and eventually they sued McDonald's Indonesia to pay 500,000 indonesian Rupiahs, which was around 1.500$ dollars (i think) back then.

Nowadays Ronald McDonald and the rest of the McDonaldland friends have been largely phased out, they still exist at the restaurants but you barely see them in the commercials anymore (Thank god, who knows what evil plans that child molester hides?).

With other words, never EVER become friends with Ronald McDonald, or he'll turn you into a cheeseburger for all the fat kids to eat and drool on. I'm being serious here!
The girl who was victim of getting molested by Ronald McDonald was traumatized for years.

She couldn't walk past a McDonald's restaurant without getting scared, she had a fear for being alone in the toilet and she overall was terrified of clowns. (This is actually not serious, but i can imagine she felt like that).
by Nangko January 04, 2012

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A word to describe girls who go to school in Japan, mostly teenagers.

Typical features of a japanese schoolgirl is a school uniform, glasses, bracers and short hair with a fringe. They usually don't really care about how they look (which explains why japanese men look for foreigners lol).

However, the word japanese schoolgirl can also be used to describe young female models in japan which pose for famous magazines. They usually appear in school uniforms, hence the name. It's not rare that they also act in adult movies, where they end up getting fucked by men who are over 50 years old.
The japanese schoolgirl was so ugly, so Tomoyo-san went to the U.S to look for some hotter girls.

The japanese schoolgirl was such a slut, sure, she was good-looking but she still was a real hustler, she would suck dick for any amount of money as long as she was pleased.
by Nangko January 06, 2012

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A sexual act in which a girl tries to seduce a man by taking his hand and shove it up her pussy. A very effective move, however it also depends on the charisma of the girl.

Delivered from the movie "Babel" in which a japanese schoolgirl tries to seduce her dentist by doing the act stated above.
She gave me a Japanese dentist yesterday and i still feel horny..
by Nangko March 10, 2012

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A shitty, greedy fast food franchise owned by fat managers who sit on their lap behind their desks all day watching the money flow into their fat bank accounts while illegally cutting down rainforest in developing countries just to be able to produce beef.

After they lowered the company taxes here, EVERY single fast food franchise lowered their prices, except Burger King. 100% legitimate sign of greed and unwillingness to satisfy customers.

The service is also shitty, a few weeks ago i went there and ordered a Crispy Chicken meal, i clearly stated that i wanted NO sauce, salad or anything, just the plain burger, and of course the idiots got my order wrong. I kindly went back and asked if they could replace it, but their answer?

- Sorry, we can't replace your burger, there are other customers waiting and we can't spend so much, sorry.

Seriously, WTF? I eventually threatened to file a suit against the restaurant for not giving me something i paid for, firstly then she replaced it and gave me some of the money back too. I guess she wasn't that bad afterall, i can imagine that the managers brainwashed them into just being quick and don't give shit about what the customer wants.

So my advice is to stay away from Burger King, there's so much better food to spend your money on, if you're going to eat fast food atleast go to a proper place like McDonald's, friendly service and for once the staff is willing to treat their customers nice, also the prices are cheaper etc.
Burger King has been caught several times with destroying villager's homes in tropical zones and burning and chopping down the rainforests there just to put their own interests in agriculture etc, this poses a serious threat to the environment and the local habitation.
by Nangko January 27, 2012

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