A Japanese teenaged girl who poses in a school uinforms (most likely a sailor uinforms) for magazines like Beppin school. Sometimes, they appear in porn films where they get fucked by men twice their age.

Bunko Kanazawa is a example.
That kanabun chick looks hot in that school uniform!!!
by sattt August 24, 2005
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A word to describe girls who go to school in Japan, mostly teenagers.

Typical features of a japanese schoolgirl is a school uniform, glasses, bracers and short hair with a fringe. They usually don't really care about how they look (which explains why japanese men look for foreigners lol).

However, the word japanese schoolgirl can also be used to describe young female models in japan which pose for famous magazines. They usually appear in school uniforms, hence the name. It's not rare that they also act in adult movies, where they end up getting fucked by men who are over 50 years old.
The japanese schoolgirl was so ugly, so Tomoyo-san went to the U.S to look for some hotter girls.

The japanese schoolgirl was such a slut, sure, she was good-looking but she still was a real hustler, she would suck dick for any amount of money as long as she was pleased.
by Nangko January 6, 2012
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