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Atlanta, Georgia. Used by ghetto retards that are trying to abbreviate Atlanta but are too dumb, drunk, high, or a combination of the three to realize that ATL and Atlanta have the same amount of syllables.
Yo, I is livun in da ATL fo sho.
Translation: I'm a dumbass.
by Name June 15, 2004
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LP - Long Play, a normal album.
EP - Extended Play, a short album that usually has about 3 - 6 songs.
SP - Single Play, a CD, tape, record, etc. that has only one song, (a single) on it. In some rare cases, it can have 2 or even 3 songs on an SP.
I got that CD, (insert title) by (insert band name) yesterday. It's just an SP.
by Name March 20, 2003
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Cross between 3 dog hairs and a mailbox
One time I saw a PacDeath and it ate my legs
by Name August 21, 2003
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annpying techno they say the same things over and over forever. Look up the lyrics for around the world. All voices are annoying congested sounding computer shit fuck mother fucker.
There music is used for background sounds in gay shows such as the fabulous celebrity life of ...., and queer eye for the straight guy. nuff sade biatch..
by name March 31, 2005
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