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Used by University lecturers to say they disagree with a piece of literature while not outwardly expressing that fact. There is often a long pause before this line is delivered often with pointless hand gestures.
Lecturer: I find David Starkey's work...................problematic.
by NagarPhunga April 3, 2017
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Used by English teachers to say while one's idea is complete nonsense it must be considered as an example of literary criticism.
Student: "I think Hamlet was tripping on Acid".
English Teacher: "Possibly"
by NagarPhunga January 10, 2017
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Officially means: "To remember, think about, or consider someone or something (in regard to something else)"
However, it is often used in conjunction with the phrase: "Thank you, I'll bear that in mind" to express that actually you won't do that and it is a way to avoid exploding towards a remark someone has made.
Sally: "Just for future reference don't use the term 'man' as it is offensive
Steve: "Thank you, I'll bear in mind."
by NagarPhunga October 8, 2018
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