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A middle to upper class neighborhood in Queens NY located near the Cross Island Parkway and Nassau county. Main street include Bell Boulevard, Northern Boulevard, and Francis Lewis Boulevard. Bayside is home to many of the best High Schools in Queens, including Benjamin Cardozo High School on Springfield Boulevard and Bayside High School.
Bell Blvd is in Bayside
by NYC Metalhead June 23, 2006
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Bell Boulevard is a popular street that runs through the neighborhoods of Oakland Gardens and Bayside in Queens NY. The street itself has a huge number of stores, restuarants, and clubs in Bayside. The Q31 and Q13 buses serve significant portions of Bell Boulevard.
Bell Boulevard is a very busy street at night.
by NYC Metalhead August 28, 2006
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A neighborhood in Queens NY that is fairly isolated from other neighborhoods. Bordered by Flushing, Whitestone and the bay. It's main street is College Point Boulevard. Despite it's name, there is no college in College Point.
College Point is by the Whitestone bridge.
by NYC Metalhead June 23, 2006
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A boulevard that runs through Flushing and College Point in Queens NY. The Q65 is College Point Boulevard's main bus.
Take College Point Boulevard to go to the Flushing Museum.
by NYC Metalhead June 25, 2006
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A major street in Queens New York that starts off in the Rockaways and crosses the bay. Cross Bay Boulevard cuts through Broad Channel and serves as the shopping strip for Howard Beach. The street changes it's name to Woodhaven Boulevard once it intersects with Rockaway Boulevard in Ozone Park. Woodhaven Boulevard continues all the way to Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, where it ends.
The Q53 runs through Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevard and goes to Beach 116 Street in Rockaway Park.
by NYC Metalhead June 22, 2006
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A major avenue in Brooklyn NY, Flatbush Avenue starts off from the Marine Park Bridge that connects Flatbush Avenue to the Rockaway's. Flatbush Avenue goes all the way to the Manhattan bridge and to Manhattan. Flatbush Avenue is mostly 4 lanes throughout its stretch. The B41 and Q35 buses serve Flatbush Avenue. Kings Plaza mall is also on Flatbush Avenue.
Linden Boulevard starts off at Flatbush Avenue.
by NYC Metalhead June 25, 2006
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A neighborhood in Queens New York that is better then Ozone Park. It's major shopping strip is Jamaica Avenue and the neighborhood is home to Forest Park. Also the name of a major boulevard that cuts through this neighborhood.
Forest Park is in Woodhaven
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
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