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The term that wiggers from Ozone Park use when they state the neighborhood they're from.
Ozone Park wigger- I'm from OZP Homie

Normal person from another neighborhood- Please shut the hell up wigger.
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
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Metropolitan Avenue is a major avenue located in Queens NY. It starts off at Jamaica Avenue by the Van Wyck Expressway in Richmond Hill and goes all the way to Williamsburg in Brooklyn from there. Metropolitan Avenue is known to be a major truck route in Queens and is also a major commercial strip for most of the neighborhoods it cuts through, which includes Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Middle Village, Maspeth, Ridgewood, and Williamsburg. Metromall is located on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. The Q54 is Metropolitan Avenue's main bus.
Take Metropolitan Avenue to reach Fresh Pond Road.
by NYC Metalhead September 5, 2006
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A neighborhood in Queens NY that is fairly isolated from other neighborhoods. Bordered by Flushing, Whitestone and the bay. It's main street is College Point Boulevard. Despite it's name, there is no college in College Point.
College Point is by the Whitestone bridge.
by NYC Metalhead June 23, 2006
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A major 4 lane avenue in Queens NY that starts off at Myrtle Avenue in Richmond Hill Queens and goes all the way to Nassau County. Runs parrell to Jamaica Avenue throughout much of its stretch, Hillside avenue is also a very busy street with alot of stuff on it.
Merrick Boulevard starts off at Hillside Avenue
by NYC Metalhead June 25, 2006
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A neighborhood in Queens New York that is better then Ozone Park. It's major shopping strip is Jamaica Avenue and the neighborhood is home to Forest Park. Also the name of a major boulevard that cuts through this neighborhood.
Forest Park is in Woodhaven
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
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Myrtle Avenue is a avenue in Brooklyn and Queens that is often busy. It starts off at Jamaica Avenue near Lefferts Boulevard in Richmond Hill and goes all the way to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Myrtle Avenue is esp. a major street in Ridgewood. The Q55 serves the Queens stretch of Myrtle Avenue and the B54 serves the Brooklyn stretch. In addition, the M train serves a significat stretch of Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.
Forest Park is by Myrtle Avenue
by NYC Metalhead September 5, 2006
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A major boulevard in Queens NY that Bayside residents often refer to as "Franny Lew". Francis Lewis Boulevard was previously called Cross Island Boulevard, then later named after a Whitestone resident who signed the Declaration of Independence to avoid confusion with the Cross Island Parkway. Easily one of the longest boulevards in Queens, probably the second longest behing Northern Boulevard, F. Lewis Boulevard starts off at Hook Creek Boulevard in Rosedale Queens right by the border to Nassau and goes all the way to Whitestone. The Q76 and Q77 buses serve Francis Lewis Boulevard.
Francis Lewis Boulevard cuts through Cunningham park.
by NYC Metalhead June 24, 2006
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