One of the neighborhoods in the New York City borough of Queens, named after the REal GOod Construction Company. Contrary to what a previous definition states, this neighborhood is NOT filled with "snobby white girls" due to the fact that the neighborhood is pretty much filled with Asians or those of Hispanic origin, and very few white people, despite what Wikipedia says. The pin straight haired white girls dressing in skimpy shorts have spilled over into Rego Park from their homelands of Middle Village or Glendale, and are only in Rego Park in the first place because they think hanging out at the Queens Center Mall makes them cool.

Rego Park was founded in the 1920s and has since gone from a swamp to a neighborhood complete with two malls and a hell of a lot of traffic. Rego Park is home to the previously mentioned Queens Center Mall, and the more recent Rego Center, and people really love coming here to shop. We also have 63rd Drive, land of the bodegas and outdoor markets. We have two subway stations in very close proximity to each other, and the Long Island Railroad crosses through Rego Park.

Lived here my whole life, and while some parts are grossly overcrowded, specifically the area surrounding the Boulevard of Death (AKA Queens Boulevard), Woodhaven Boulevard, and 63rd Drive, it's a quiet place that nobody really pays attention to. And that's the way the majority of us like it.
You know the name of that neighborhood in Queens with a bunch of stores and train tracks?
You mean Rego Park? The neighborhood that is vastly different than Middle Village? Nice place to live, if you don't mind seeing raccoons randomly in the streets and enjoy being able to go anywhere you damn well feel like it thanks to the overwhelming amount of bus stops and train stations.
by jalenaembeonus July 3, 2011
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snobby white girls with scrunched /pin straight hair or have claudia hair, wear short shorts that barley cover there ass and have belly rings at the age of 11, most of them are hot and most of them are ugly.
damn she most be from rego park
by yourloverx3 July 11, 2010
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