Myrtle Avenue is a avenue in Brooklyn and Queens that is often busy. It starts off at Jamaica Avenue near Lefferts Boulevard in Richmond Hill and goes all the way to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Myrtle Avenue is esp. a major street in Ridgewood. The Q55 serves the Queens stretch of Myrtle Avenue and the B54 serves the Brooklyn stretch. In addition, the M train serves a significat stretch of Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.
Forest Park is by Myrtle Avenue
by NYC Metalhead September 5, 2006
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An avenue in Borough of Hillington in London next to Hatton Cross tube station. On the Northern end of the avenue, there is a grassland always being wrongly referred as Myrtle Avenue. Whenever the weather is good, there will be loads of planespotters gathering on the grassland. In this place, you can get nice pictures of aircrafts landing in 27R runway of London Heathrow. Because it is easy to find it is the most popular spotting point in London.
'Mate shall we go to Myrtle Avenue for spotting today?'
'Nah, today aircrafts land on 27L.'
by wankair February 25, 2021
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