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A sub-genre of youth culture currently sweeping the United Kingdom from the county of Cambridgeshire, soon to be established in New York as of February 2008.
An amalgamation of nu rave and emo, Numo followers are identified by their passion for raving, and the severe depression that usually precedes and follows.
Numo kids find happiness only in raving, when surrounded by epilepsy-inducing lights, dance/techno/rave music and others of their breed.
Numos can be found in a multitude of habitats, and different behaviours can be observed. At parties, they can be found on the dancefloor, like a flock of seagulls, in groups of about 3-8. At school, they are usually seen to be quite depressed, thinking only of their next rave. Sometimes, this wait becomes unbearable, and small to large groups of Numos can be seen to rave behind the bikesheds, consuming large quantities of flourescent glow-stick liquid... and E.
Occasionally, a Numo kid can be found at the center of a rave, completely motionless, with a blank expression on their face. This is known as Nu-mode, when a surge of depression washes over them, and they must battle with their own inner demons to overcome and continue the rave. If unable to win this battle, a numo is lost, and an emo is born.
Numo: Talk's cheap, let's rave.

Kid: You can't dance!
Numo: I rave... because I don't know how to dance.

Kid: You're wearing all black, but your shoes are green!
Numo: OMFG! I must be Numo.

Numo: I rave because they hate me. They hate me because I rave.

Ex-Numo (Emo): Look man, rave is dead to me!
Numo: No, you're dead to the rave.
by NumoWrestler November 11, 2007
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A state of mind in which a person believes that the 'world is on their shoulders' and are unable to deal with what they perceive as endless problems.
From Atlas, the Greek God who literally bore the world on his shoulders. Try being that poor bugger.
David: What's up, Mandy?
Mandy: Everything.
David: Woah seems you have a major case of the Atlas Complex.

by NumoWrestler November 15, 2008
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A term applied to a particularly lol-worthy bout of laughing, or a particularly enjoyable time or event.

Combination of the words rofl; meaning to roll on the floor laughing, and fest; denoting a gathering or activity specified by a particular activity. In this case; laughing.
Kid #1: Dude, do you remember Charlie's party?!
Kid #2: Do I ever! It was a right rofl-fest!
by NUMOwrestler August 27, 2008
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