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A term referring to the unique sexual orientation where the gender or orientation of a love interest doesn't matter as long as they have excellent taste in trousers.
Steve: I met this guy on the subway yesterday. He was pretty cute.

Tim: I didn't know you were gay.

Steve: I'm actually pantsexual. You see, he was wearing some very sexy pants.
by NK-Penne October 12, 2012

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A play on the word "hungover."

When one comes home after doing something extremely fun, such as going on vacation or having an adventure, and is simply unable to function as a productive human being in the aftermath of such frivolousness.

Symptoms include lounging about, not getting any work done, wishing to go back to having fun, plotting to skip work/school the next day, antisocial behavior, and poor hygiene.

A funover may last between one day and a week, though residual symptoms may continue for up to months afterwards if daily stress levels are high.
Mom: Shouldn't you unpack your bags from the trip?

You: *flopped on the couch* Ugh. No. I can't do anything right now because I'm funover. When can we go back on vacation?
by NK-Penne November 18, 2012

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When a person with AIDS defends themselves by plunging a knife into their own skin, then uses it to threaten whoever is threatening them with the now AIDS infected weapon.
Murderer: I'm going to stab you!
AIDS guy: *stabs self and hold out the bloody knife* Try it and I'll give you my AIDS.
Murderer: Whoa whoa, calm down, man. I'll leave you alone.
AIDS guy: You'd better, or you'll be AIDS-ified by my AIDS Shank.
by NK-Penne December 23, 2011

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When one bathes in vodka and glitter.
Cathy gave herself a Kesha Shower before she went to the party because she's a major slut.
by NK-Penne March 04, 2012

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