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Different and better way of saying Hell Yes
Person 1: I'm going to get laid tonight.
Person 2: Fuck Yes you are.
by Nirvana July 30, 2005
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Hot Russian Chick from New York City.
Appropriate Use in a Sentence:
The hot Russian chick, Serafima, enjoys the sweet taste of vodka in the morning, afternoon and night.

Inappropriate Use in a Sentence: Damn that Serafima with dinging us for grammatical errors in our workpapers.
by Nirvana March 30, 2005
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the greatest singer/songwriter the world has ever seen. born in poverty and raised by terrible parents, he was very anguished. he formed the band nirvana adn let out his frustration through brilliant lyrics. he met and later married courtney love, which would ultimitly prove to be a horrible choice. kurt was murdered on april 5, 1994 by that skank courtney
Kurt Cobain is god
Rest in Peace
by NIRVANA September 06, 2004
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The Greatest Band Ever. There will never be another band as great as they were. For whoever said 'then why was nevermind on top of album charts for months' it was actually years...more like 5 of them too that they were on the charts.
The only band to ever rhyme mulatto and albino.

Here we are now ENTERTAIN US
by Nirvana July 21, 2003
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All you of you people are dumb, Dumb simply is a kickass song by Nirvana, full of emotion.
I listened to Nirvana last night, they kickass, Dumb is a great song.
by Nirvana January 12, 2005
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or it is a state of mind BUT STILL THEY ARE THE FUCKING BEST.
Nirvana is aswsome I want Kurt Cobain to be alive and when he magically comes to life i want to fuck him
by NIRVANA March 03, 2005
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My name, and the best band but mainly my name
Hi, my name is Nirvana, i am not named after the band though.
by Nirvana June 04, 2004
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