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synonym for a gayass
used as an insult far greater than any known before...
Hai Hai is one of these...
by MystiC July 27, 2004
<BalefireX> honestly, DYJGTIY?
by MystiC July 9, 2004
1) Prices so low that any business within a ten kilometer radius will inevitably board up and shut down.
2) THE place to meet hillbillies and rednecks, since everything is cheap and low quality along with a McDonald's RIGHT INSIDE so you can get cheap ass fat.
3) Longest lineups, rudest people, underappreciated employees, and huge tightwads who bitch that they can't return a $3 shoe. ie Successful business.
Wal-Mart again? C'mon, aren't there other places where we pay more to NOT see 40 year-old fatass tightwads paying with $3 cheques?
by MystiC November 29, 2003
Like a minivan and pickup truck. Higher center of gravity meaning easy rollovers. Guzzles more gas than pickup trucks. Often used by soccer moms who can't drive but need control of the road (until they roll over). Part of a secret agenda of the automobile industry to rid the world of soccer moms.
Why get an efficient and cheap minivan? I'd rather drive an SUV so I could roll over at the drop of a hat.
by MystiC November 24, 2003
What every female longs for. Say it quickly to understand what it truly means.
Hey buddy, you gonna give some Dicken's Cider real good tonight? She really wants some Dicken's Cider, you know!
by MystiC November 29, 2003
A short and simple name for a holiday which celebrated thanks. This term is taking over the traditional, noble name of Thanksgiving Day. In turn, the commercialization of the holiday is getting so bad that people will forget what the meaning of the day really is, similar to how Christmas' image is being ruined by Future Shop's and Best Buy's take on the holidays.
Guy 1: Happy Turkey Day!

Guy 2: What the hell does that mean?! Do you mean Thanksgiving Day?

Guy 1: What's Thanksgiving? Are you talking about the day you eat turkey meat?

Guy 2: Never mind...
by MystiC November 29, 2003
Korean for very good at, excellent, must often used in games, such as Starcraft, Warcraft.
that strategy was gosu.
by MystiC January 21, 2004