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A very beautiful hair color on woman. A very ugly hair color on men.
Girls with red hair are very pretty. Men with read hair is prett much another story.
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007

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What most 14 and 15 year olds, and some 16 year olds on MySpace are really are. You can tell a 12 year old on MySpace when you see the girl is 14, but the profile don't look like a 14 year old's profile. It usually has popular MTV like music on there, and you see lots of sevvie looking layouts such as pink and black, happy bunny, glitter graphics, pictures of the thong over bed, and so on. And not to mention god awful makeup on the myspace kid with basically god-awful skills with Photoshop.
14 year old: Oh boy, finally somebody my age to talk to on line and she looks hott.
12 year old: I am really 12.
14 year old: You're fucking too young to be on MySpace. Get your fucking ass off of myspace and get a motherfucking life... I'm reporting you to Tom you hoe!!
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007

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The year 2009, used mostly in instant messaging programs used by 8th grade girls who typ3 lyKe d!S.
I will graduate from high school in the year 2k9.
by MySpace Bob December 31, 2007

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The blocker that your mom installs that doesn't allow you to look at "dirty" sites such as MySpace because it includes chatting, hate speak, and it's allowed for all people over 14.
I tried looking at porn and holy shit, all I see is a dog with a cop badge on him telling you it's blocked. Fuck you, K9 Protection.
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007

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One very beautiful woman... she is very pretty, that sings Backdoor Boys like music that are liked by 12 year old preps and 16+ year old men that have crushes on these 12 year old preps. She acts in pretty decent movies, but she makes half way decent movies like Cheaper By The Dozen crap!!
Hilary Duff... at least she is 100% better than Britney Spears or *NSYNC, and a lot better than Hannah Montana.
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007

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It's the best site on the internet.
It's the worst site on the internet.
There is basically no inbetween.

Unlike Yahoo and Google and other popular sites, myspace is either a site that you absolutely love and can't get enough of it, or you just look at it and want to throw up. There is no inbetween. Pretty much everybody likes to use Google in one shape or form, and even YouTube is not that bad; a lot of people love YouTube, but myspace is basically a site that you love or just wish it will die.
Person 1: I Love myspace... I can spend all day on it.
Person 2: Ick... I hate it. It just filled with a bunch of pedophiles and 12 year old hoes, and the layout is just horrible, and it's old, like it was made in like 2003, thatz old shit...
You'll never here this: eeh...it's OK!! I can take it or leave it.. woah I can find some parent approved porn on here. *jerks off*
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007

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The place on your computer that lets you go on MySpace.
You probably can't go on MySpace using your microwave oven... it's on the internet.
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007

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