The year 2009, used mostly in instant messaging programs used by 8th grade girls who typ3 lyKe d!S.
I will graduate from high school in the year 2k9.
by MySpace Bob December 31, 2008
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The year 2009
The year after 2k8 (2008)
wot year is it next year?
by Lithy January 2, 2008
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2k9 is very simple

The Letter K stands for Thousand. basically when u say it to people like. look below.


the 2 is simple its first that means its the year 2000
and the 9 tells us its 2009.
" I got 8k 2day ini" this K stand for 1000

"What's the year? 2K9!!!" this would be in a text or somethin
by Tamil boy June 24, 2009
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