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A bubbly lizard who enjoys sleeping. She often enjoys playfully nipping at people's clothes and is always up for an adventure.

Despite being a lizard she enjoys reading(listening to people read) books as it's soothing

She will also sit still ( for once) and listen when she can tell your upset allowing you to talk about her problems.
Likes food. A lot. Of. Food. Really fat
Ex 1:
Girl 1- Wow! Look at her go! What's her name?
Girl 2- Dee
Girl 1- That makes so much sense! She's so adventurous!

Guy 1- Haha! Ow! She bit my pants?!
Girl 2- Yeah she's werid like that

Guy 1- let me guess her names Dee?

Girl 2- How did you know?
Guy 1- She's super playful!
by MyNameIsBee January 4, 2017
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