4 definitions by Mungu

Bezzing is a form of dancing. It resembles the strange movements of Bez from the Happy Mondays.
I saw some bloke bezzing in the club last night, what a prick.
by Mungu February 27, 2007
A drop of semen that has frozen. It is not a nice sight behold
ewwwwwwwww, someone made a spunksicle
by Mungu February 24, 2007
In Chinese mythology Long Wang was a dragon king.
Nowadays, it means a big fat cock
Chinaman: Long Wang controls the elements

Modern man: I've got a long wang; look --flops onto table--
by Mungu February 27, 2007
A term describing the period of time when a girl is on her period. It's origin is rather obvious.
A: I bet you can't wait to get back and do her hard
B: Alas no, it's Jam week, goddamnit
by Mungu February 27, 2007