2 definitions by Muadgib

1. The extra level of quality and enjoyment brought to a film by the presence of a particular actor, often making an otherwise lacklustre film worth watching.

2. The ability of an actor to bring this quality to a film.
1. "It should've been just a stupid hollywood pirate movie, but it had deppth."

2. "I'll watch anything with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it. Hes got deppth."
by Muadgib July 11, 2008
An excess of unused download-limit when nearing the end of the monthly billing period on an internet plan. Since it is wasted if it is not used before the end of the period, it generally results in a splurge of impulse-downloads.
Geek 1: "Hey man - I'm downloading five gig of Mork and Mindy. You want it when I'm done?"

Geek 2: "I like Mork, but five gig? Fuck me."

Geek 1: "I've got Brewster's Millions."

Geek 2: "Oh right. So, do you want six gig of Family Ties?"

Geek 1: "Sha-na-na-na."
by Muadgib February 2, 2009