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The funniest guy u will meet. He is super hot and the best boyfriend ever. He is usually found with a girl
Girl 1 :hey who is that cute guy over there

Girl 2 :that is Lauchlan you should ask him out
by Ms.pac man November 10, 2017

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A person that gets overly confident after going through the urban dictionary
Person 1: dude you know Specific name

Person 2: yeah

Person 1: he asked out a gender spicific person out just because something in the urban dictionary said something good about him
by Ms.pac man April 25, 2018

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A beautiful girl who is kind and is the only example of a perfect human. Heather's typically have brown hair and brown eyes that are more beautiful than the sunset. She is typically nice to everyone but when you make her mad she will scratch you. When she is sad she will try to conceal it so you're not worrying about her because she wants you to have fun. She will do just about anything to make people happy.
Person 1: "man that girl Heather is really nice and kinda cute:

Person 2: "back off that's my girlfriend"
by Ms.pac man June 12, 2019

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